Math 16110, Section 20

Basic Details
Class : TTh 9:30 - 10:50 am, Ryerson 358
Problem Session : Th 7-8 pm, Eckhart 312
Course Outline and Policies
Final Exam : 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, Thursday December 7, Location: Ryerson 358

Instructors and Office Hours
Chris Henderson Griffin Wang
Eckhart 228 Eckhart 17
M:1-2pm, F:1-3pm M: 4:30-6pm, Th: 3-4:30pm

Please turn the homework by 12:30 pm on the due date (you may hand it in in class) to the "Henderson Math16110" mailbox in the basement of Eckhart (to the right of the main staircase).
  1. HW1 - due 10/3 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX
  2. HW2 - due 10/10 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX
  3. HW3 - due 10/24 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX
  4. HW4 - due 10/31 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX
  5. HW5 - due 11/14 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX
  6. HW6 - due 11/21 LaTeX Solutions LaTeX No regrades for HW6

Your journal is essentially a textbook that you are writing for yourself. You will be graded on everything in class except for the definitions (though we encourage you to include the definitions regardless for completeness). The journal must be written using LaTeX, should be written clearly with proper grammar and in complete sentences, and will be graded for correctness as well as clarity. Turn-in instructions are the same as for homework. Journals will be due (approximately) in weeks 4, 7, and 10.
  • First journal due 10/17. Please include all material presented through the class on 10/12 - Prop. 1.26
  • Second journal due 11/7. Please include all material presented through the class on 11/2 - Corollary 2.17 (NOT including Lemma 2.4)
  • Third journal due 11/28. Due: Lemma 2.4, Theorem 2.18, Theorem 2.24, Theorem 3.6, and Theorem 3.10. 5 bonus points for a proof of Theorem 3.14 that does not use the indexing of regions R_x like in the proof presented in class. No regrades for Journal 3.