Hao (Billy) Lee

Department of Mathematics
The University of Chicago

Office: Eckhart Hall 27
Email: haolee "at" math "dot" uchicago "dot" edu

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About Me

I am currently a first-year graduate student at the University of Chicago.

I was a Masters student at McGill University, studying Algebraic Number Theory under the supervision of Professor Henri Darmon from 2015-2017.

I was an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo from 2011-2015.

My current graduate studies and research are supported by NSERC.

Conferences and Workshops Attended or will be Attending

In reverse chronological order.


Canadian Number Theory Association Conference (Université Laval, Quebec)- July 9-13

CRM A Celebration of CICMA's Postdoctoral Program (CRM, Montreal, Quebec)- July 2-6

Arizona Winter School- Iwasawa Theory (University of Arizona- Tucson, Arizona)- March 3-7


Iwasawa 2017 (The University of Tokyo, Japan)- July 19-28


Rubin Fest 2016 (Harvard University, Massachusetts)- June 13-16

Quebec-Maine Number Theory Conference (Université Laval, Quebec)- October 9,10

Kummer Classes and Anabelian Geometry (The University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont)- September 10,11


Quebec-Maine Number Theory Conference (University of Maine, Orono, Maine)- October 3,4

Explicit Methods for Abelian Varieties: Kick-off workshop (University of Calgary, Alberta)- May 25-28