My formal teaching statement can be viewed here.

The opportunity to mentor students and explore mathematics with them is one of the most enjoyable parts about our positions in academia. In recent years, attending the Math Alliance's Field of Dreams conference has also been a transformative exercise in teaching---both experiencing this conference as a teacher/mentor and in being mentored and taught by others.

I have assumed a mentoring role in all of my academic positions, and am in particular dedicated to increasing the inclusivity of mathematics to those sometimes less represented. My CV illustrates the different forms of these efforts. A particular honor was an invitation to speak at the inaugural Latinos in the Mathematical Sciences Conference at IPAM in Spring 2015; I look forward to attending in 2018.

I have instructed courses ranging from introductory (Calculus series) to advanced undergraduate---Math 399 Research Methods for Undergraduates at the University of Iowa, and have served as a faculty advisor for the University of Illinois Math 492 undergraduate research projects course through the Illinois Geometry Lab during various semesters.