Ma 191e - Geometry of Infinite Groups; Winter 2003

Instructor: Danny Calegari

TuTh 3-4:30 153 Sloan

Grading policy:

Those taking the class for a grade will be required to take notes.

Description of course:

In this class we will study discrete groups as geometric objects. We are particularly interested in the geometry "in the large" of the Cayley graphs of finitely presented groups, and the ways in which certain algebraic properties of these groups are manifested in geometric ways. We will start with an introduction to certain important classes of groups - hyperbolic groups, lattices, groups acting on circles, groups acting on trees, mapping class groups - and some of their basic (geometric) properties. If there is time, we hope to discuss the material in Gromov's recent preprint "Random walk in random groups," available from Gromov's home page at IHES.

Topics to be covered (if time allows):

Notes for the course will gradually be posted in installments. The first installment is posted here.