Geometrization Seminar - Spring 2001

Organizers: Danny Calegari and Nathan Dunfield

Fridays 1-2pm, 530 SC

Rationale: to go through a complete proof of Thurston's theorem on geometrization for Haken manifolds

Description of topics

These are some of the ingredients which go into the the proof of geometrization for Haken manifolds. There are large overlaps between some of these topics, and most of them can be approached from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. In the interests of time and continuity, we will necessarily gloss over many difficult points in the "background" material.

Schedule for talks

Please volunteer to give a talk! Email Danny to arrange a date and topic.

Available for download


The main reference for the non-fibered case is Otal's book. Soft bound copies are available on the reserve shelf of the library.

The main reference for the fibered case is Thurston's paper. It is available on the XXX archive here.

last updated: 4th May 2001

If you have any comments on the material in this page, contact Danny Calegari via email The image to the right is a measured geodesic lamination, from Thurston's notes.

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