Ma 2b prac. - Differential equations; Winter 2004

Instructor: Danny Calegari

Head TA: Mihai Stoiciu

MWF 10-11, 22 Gates

Grading policy:

Weekly homework assignments: 40% Midterm: 30% Final: 30%.
Homework will be posted online on Friday of each week, and will be due by 5pm on the following Friday. The Midterm and Final exams will be take-home exams given out in class.


Collaboration on homework is allowed and encouraged. Collaboration on exams is not allowed.

Late policy:

Late homework is accepted at most twice during the term, at the discretion of the TA. Note that fatigue, forgetfulness, etc. are not generally grounds for accepting late homework. Late exams will not be accepted except under exceptional circumstances.

Description of course:

First order differential equations; Linear equations; Systems of differential equations.

Topics to be covered (if time allows):