Ma 151c - Algebraic topology 3; Spring 2011

Instructor: Danny Calegari

Grader: Steven Frankel (email sfrankel)

MWF 2:00-3:00 257 Sloan

Grading policy:

Homework is given out in class on Friday. This homework is due at noon (outside the office) the following Friday. There will be a midterm (in place of one of the homework assignments) and a final. The exams together will be worth 50% of the grade, and the homework 50%. The only difference between an exam and a regular homework is that collaboration is not allowed.

Description of course:

This course continues on from 151ab. We will study characteristic classes and vector bundles, with a view to topological applications; also we will study spectral sequences.


The classes on Wednesday and Friday April 27 and 29 will be taught by Steven Frankel.

Homework (all homework is from Milnor's book except where indicated):