CAMP (Computational, Applied Mathematics and PDE) Seminar

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Spring 2021 Schedule.

May 5
Brian Seguin, Loyola Univeristy, Chicago Online, 4pm.
Nonlocal Curvature of Surfaces and Curves
Motivated by generalizations of the Ginsburg-Landau energy and the diffusion equation in which derivatives are replaced by fractional derivatives, Caffarelli, Roquejoffre, and Savin studied the minimizers of a fractional perimeter functional on sets involving a fractional parameter. Such minimizers have to satisfy a pointwise condition on their boundary, which can be used to define a notion of nonlocal mean-curvature. This definition only holds for surfaces which are the boundary of a set. I will describe how to define a nonlocal notion of mean-curvature for any surface by introducing a fractional area functional and considering its minimizers. Moreover, I will describe how these ideas can be extended to curves by defining a fractional length and an associated nonlocal curvature for a curve.

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