CAMP (Computational, Applied Mathematics and PDE) Seminar

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Spring 2019 Schedule.

April 10
Luis Silvestre, University of Chicago, Eckhart 202, 4pm.
Regularity and structure of scalar conservation laws
Scalar conservation law equations develop jump discontinuities even when the initial data is smooth. Ideally, we would expect these discontinuities to be confined to a collection of codimension-one surfaces, and the solution to be relatively smoother away from these jumps. The picture is less clear for rough initial data which is merely bounded. While a linear transport equation may have arbitrarily rough solutions, genuinely nonlinear conservation laws have a subtle regularization effect. We prove that the entropy solution will become immediately continuous outside of a codimension-one rectifiable set, that all entropy dissipation is concentrated on the closure of this set, and that the L norm of the solution decays at a certain rate as t goes to infinity.
April 17
Eduardo Teixeira, University of Central Florida, Eckhart 202, 4pm.
Adjusting diffusibility in non-variational problems
Mathematical models supporting diffusion adjustments in subregions of the domain are relevant in several fields of research. This is a typical issue, for instance, in imaging enhancements and by now a comprehensive variational theory for treating functionals satisfying p-growth conditions has been established. This encompasses, in particular, problems ruled by the so called p(x)-laplacian. Until quite recently, The corresponding non-variational theory was completely open, despite of its potential applicabilities, and in this talk I will describe some lately efforts towards launching such a theory. We will introduce a new class of non-divergence form elliptic operators whose degree of degeneracy/singularity varies accordantly to a prescribed power law. Under rather general conditions, we prove viscosity solutions to variable exponent fully nonlinear elliptic equations are differentiable, with appropriate (universal) estimates. This result opens a number of new lines of investigation and I'll describe some of these.
April 24
Mariana Smit Vega Garcia, Western Washington University, Eckhart 202, 4pm.
The fractional unstable obstacle problem
We study a model for combustion on a boundary by studying solutions of a fractional unstable obstacle problem. We analyze the free boundary and prove an upper bound for the Hausdorff dimension of the singular set. We also show that certain symmetric solutions are either stable or unstable depending on the parameter s, of the fractional Laplacian. This is joint work with Mark Allen.
May 8
Cyril Imbert, CNRS/IMPA, Eckhart 202, 4pm.
May 15
Jamil Chaker, UChicago, Eckhart 202, 4pm.
May 29
Marian Bocea, Loyola University Chicago, Eckhart 202, 4pm.

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