Gregory R. Chambers

Since September 2014, I have been an L. E. Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago. I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto in June 2014 under the supervision of Alexander Nabutovsky and Regina Rotman.

Beginning in July 2017, I will be an assistant professor at Rice University.

My research is in metric geometry and geometric analysis. I am particularly interested in quantitative topology, min-max theory, isoperimetric inequalities, stability estimates for geometric inequalities, and symmetrizations and their applications.

My CV can be downloaded here.

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  1. Area of convex disks, with C. Croke, Y. Liokumovich, and H. Wen
  2. Quantitative nullhomotopy and rational homotopy type, with F. Manin, and S. Weinberger
  3. Quantitative null-cobordism, with D. Dotterrer, F. Manin, and S. Weinberger
  4. Existence of minimal hypersurfaces in complete manifolds of finite volume, with Y. Liokumovich
  5. A note on the affine-invariant plank problem


  1. Monotone homotopies and contracting discs on Riemannian surfaces, with R. Rotman
    Journal of Topology and Analysis, to appear, arXiv:1311:2995
  2. Optimal sweepouts of a Riemannian 2-sphere, with Y. Liokumovich
    Journal of the European Mathematics Society, to appear, arXiv:1411:6349
  3. Proof of the Log-Convex Density Conjecture
    Journal of the European Mathematics Society, to appear, arXiv:1311.4012
  4. Ergodic properties of folding maps on spheres, with A. Burchard and A. Dranovski
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A 37(3):1183-1200 (2017), DOI 10.3934/dcds.2017049, arXiv:1509.02454
  5. Isoperimetric regions in \(\mathbb{R}^n\) with density \(r^p\), with W. Boyer, B. Brown, A. Loving, and S. Tammen
    Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces 4(1):236-265 (2016), DOI 10.1515/agms-2016-0009, arXiv:1504:01720
  6. Splitting a contraction of a simple curve traversed \(m\) times, with Y. Liokumovich
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