Algebra and Number Theory Seminar
Thursday March 26th, 2015
Time: 4:30 PM
Title: Lowest zeros of twisted GL(2) L-functions & arithmetic matrix ensembles
Speaker: Owen Barrett, Yale University
Location: DL 431
Note: Special time and day
Random matrix ensembles have been very successful in predicting local spacing statistics of critical zeros of L-functions in the appropriate limit. In 2006, however, S.J. Miller numerically observed a repulsion of the lowest-lying critical zeros of elliptic curve L-functions away from the center of the critical strip that disagreed with the limiting random matrix distribution. In this talk, we will discuss the arithmetic of the lowest-lying zeros of twisted holomorphic GL(2) cusp form L-functions of finite level, and report on the development, joint with S.J. Miller and P. Ryan, of an arithmetic matrix ensemble tuned to more accurately model these L-functions.