Andrei Tarfulea

Department of Mathematics
University of Chicago
5734 S. University Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Office: Eckhart 405

I am an L.E. Dickson RTG Instructor in the mathematics department at the University of Chicago. My faculty mentor is Takis Souganidis. I received my PhD in 2015 from Princeton University under the supervision of Peter Constantin. For a detailed CV, click here. My Google Scholar page can be found here. I am partially supported by the NSF DMS-1816643, 2018 - 2021.

My research interests lie within analysis and PDE. Specific topics include:
  • Hydrodynamics with thermal effects.
  • Asymptotic analysis of fluid-like PDE with nonlocal effects.
  • Quantifying propagation in reaction-diffusion equations.
  • Homogenization for nonlocal evolution equations.
  • Dynamics of kinetic equations.
Preprints and Publications: