Andrea Dotto.

I am an L. E. Dickson Instructor in the mathematics department at the University of Chicago. I graduated in August 2019 from Imperial College London. My advisor was Prof. Toby Gee.

In the year 2020/2021 I was a member at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Email address: andreadotto at uchicago dot edu
Office: Ryerson 360 A.

Publications and preprints.

  1. (with Matthew Emerton and Toby Gee) Localization of smooth p-power torsion representations of GL_2(Q_p), arXiv.
  2. Mod p Bernstein centres of p-adic groups, arXiv, accepted in Math. Res. Lett. (2022)
  3. Restriction of p-adic representations of GL_2(Q_p) to parahoric subgroups, arXiv, submitted.
  4. (with Daniel Le) Diagrams in the mod p cohomology of Shimura curves, arXiv, journal. Compositio Mathematica 157 (2021), no. 8, 1653-1723.
  5. Breuil–Mézard conjectures for central division algebras, arXiv, accepted in Algebra & Number Theory (2022).
  6. Canonical beta-extensions, arXiv, journal. Documenta Mathematica 27, 295-313 (2022).
  7. The inertial Jacquet–Langlands correspondence, arXiv, journal. J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle), vol. 2022, no. 784, 2022, pp. 177-214.

Number Theory Seminar.

Together with Frank Calegari and Zijian Yao, I organize the UChicago Number Theory Seminar in 2021–2022. The seminar webpage is here.