Department of Mathematics

Thursdays, E 203, 4:30

April 1

No meeting this week

April 8

J. Towber
"Functorial constructions of group representations:
some results and some open questions"

April 15

A. Ivanov
"Y-groups via transitive extension"

April 22

C. Huybrechts
"Approaching diagram geometry via polyhedra"

April 29

R. Guralnick
"Rational functions bijective modulo
primes and elliptic curves"

May 6

No meeting this week

May 13

No meeting this week

May 20

S. Murray
"Conjugacy classes of parabolic subgroups"

May 27

No meeting this week

June 1 TUESDAY, 2:30, E 203

S. Kim
"Elements of minimal length in twisted
conjugacy classes of finite Coxeter groups"

June 1 TUESDAY, 4:00, E 207

M. Broue
"Blocks and families of characters
for finite Coxeter groups"