Department of Mathematics

Thursdays, E 203, 4:30

March 29

No meeting this week

April 5

N. Boston
"Some p-groups arising from Galois theory and applications"

April 12

J. Alperin
"Recalling Smith-Tyrer"

April 19 ( TWO TALKS: 3:00 in Ry 358 and 4:30 in E 203 )

R. Kessar
"Finiteness conjectures in block theory"

M. Linckelmann
"On spaces and spectra associated with blocks of finite groups"

April 24 ( TUESDAY: 3:00 in Ry 358 )

M. Vazirani
"Parametizing modules of the affine Hecke algebra"

April 26

P. Li
"The universal embeddings of some dual polar spaces"

May 3

No meeting this week

May 10

G. Navarro
"Defect of characters and local subgroups"

May 17

R. Gramlich
"Local recognition of graphs and the
classification of finite simple groups"

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