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Directions to Buildings and Mailboxes

Buildings with Graduate Student Offices

Building Location of Offices Address Phone
Eckhart Basement 5734 S. University Avenue Basement: 773-702-6045
Computer lab: 773-834-2681
Math-Stat Basement 5727 S. University Avenue
Woodlawn Basement 5720 S. Woodlawn Avenue Basement: 773-702-4902
Basement: 773-702-4903
TAAC Modular building 5607 S. Drexel Avenue

Graduate Student Mailbox Locations

Please watch this video guide, or follow the instructions below it.

  1. Enter Eckhart from the South Side entrance (the Main Quad).
    main entrance
  2. Take the downward staircase on the immediate left after you enter.downward staircase
  3. One section of the mailboxes is in front of you. This includes most of the graduate students, specifically, all graduate students with last names that start with letters in the approximate range A through S. The mailboxes are sorted alphabetically by (last name, first name), ordered by columns and then by rows.
    left mailboxes
  4. The remaining mailboxes are located a little further on the right, with two chalkboards and a lab entrance door in between. These include the remaining graduate students and course-specific mailboxes for undergraduate courses not taught by graduate student instructors (this typically includes the 160s and courses 199 and higher). These are sorted by course number.
    right mailboxes