Asilata Bapat

Asilata Bapat

Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago
5734 S University Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: asilata at math dot uchicago dot edu
Office: Eckhart 2A


I am a PhD student in Mathematics at the University of Chicago, advised by Victor Ginzburg. I was an undergraduate at MIT.

I am interested in representation theory, singularity theory, and algebraic geometry. My CV may be found here.


The Strong Topological Monodromy Conjecture for Coxeter Hyperplane Arrangements (with Robin Walters), to appear in Mathematical Research Letters. [pdf]
The Bernstein-Sato \(b\)-function of the Vandermonde determinant (with Robin Walters) [arXiv]
Torus actions and tensor products of intersection cohomology, Pacific Journal of Mathematics 276 (1):19–34, 2015 [pdf], [arXiv], [journal]
Lower central series of free algebras in symmetric tensor categories (with David Jordan), Journal of Algebra 373:299–311, 2013 [pdf], [arXiv], [journal]
Equivariant cohomology and the localization theorem, topic proposal (expository). [pdf]


I am not teaching during Spring 2016. Older teaching activities are here.